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There was a time, when I allowed fear to rule my life.

Fear of not being good enough.

Fear of being unloved.

Fear of not exercising my greatest potential.

Fear of not getting it right the first time.

Fear of not walking in my true identity. 

Fear of neglecting my creative gifts, and not being able to do adulting properly.

Once I decided to take my hands off the steering wheel and let God completely takeover, I realized fear was not of God. Therefore, I chose to let go of it.

That's when everything changed.

So, now I tell my truth and walk boldly in it.

For me, sharing the many layers of my story gives me hope that just maybe someone else can avoid the mistakes I made while leveling up in the end. 


Who really is Chrishelle Monet?

I am a believer.

I am an author of The Art of Being Ignored: Diaries of a Corporate Creative

I am a speaker.

Visual storyteller.

Purpose pusher.

Style influencer.
Creative hustler.
Hairstyle muse.
Corporate Creative Coach.

I encourage people to get uncomfortable with complacency and become the best version of themselves, as I strive to do the same.

I stand with those who have the fortitude, aptitude and altitude to break the cycle, build empires, and establish generational wealth. 

Welcome to my online home. I give you permission, to give yourself permission to invest in your dreams, and thrive in purpose.


Chrishelle Monet 

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