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The Corporate Creatives Book Club is a private community of professionals building empires to establish multiple income streams, creating generational wealth. We celebrate and support creatives who invest in their dreams and plan to undertake entrepreneurship and secure financial freedom. 

Member benefits:

  • Exclusive access to virtual and in-person book club events
  • Secret discounts on titles and workshops
  • Corporate Creative B2B Networking opportunities
  • Quarterly business and career accountability challenges
  • Free marketing tips, strategic business boss community chats and more...

Ready to join? Here's the membership requirements to join the Corporate Creatives Book Club:

  1. Purchase a copy of my book, "The Art of Being Ignored: Diaries of a Corporate Creative" by Chrishelle Monet
  2. Subscribe to our email list for exclusive access, and then you're IN!!

All members of the book club will receive an email confirmation with next steps and the Fall 2022 meetup schedule. Don't miss it.

Invest in Your Dreams. Thrive on Purpose.



Chrishelle Monet