Time for a Good Laugh & Read

Time for a Good Laugh & Read

Summer is winding down. Since I'm a summer baby, I'm not happy that the sun-kissed air is preparing to leave the Midwest for a while. So every chance I get, I'm outside soaking up every piece of the sun, and marveling at its beauty. When the seasons change, your needs will change. With all the recent rain and thunderstorms, I'm reaching for an iced chai tea latte, and a good book.

Have you ever read the same book twice? I believe you'll find yourself picking up what I put down in my book. "The Art of Being Ignored: Diaries of a Corporate Creative is a real, relatable, funny, yet inspirational novel for professionals trying to excel in their careers, but face challenges along the way. Have you experienced this before? Oh, I bet you know someone else who has. I've been there myself and I'm working daily to pursue God's best for my life. So, you (or they) aren't alone.

"The Art of Being Ignored: Diaries of a Corporate Creative"
, tells the story of Scarlett-Rose Tate, a young woman who works a 9-5 office job, and struggles to fight cultural barriers while attempting to secure a bigger bag (job promotion), and thrive in her professional career.

In 113 pages, I'll take you on Scarlett-Rose's journey of teachable moments, the awakening, and her game changing chess move. As you read the book, you'll have a few eyebrow-raising laughs, gain more inspiration to live your best life, and become the best version of yourself.

preview of first chapter of The Art of Being Ignored: Diaries of a Corporate Creative

**Fall 2022 Book Club Meetup Alert** 

I just reopened enrollment slots for The Corporate Creatives Book Club. Our upcoming Fall meetup will be on Thursday, October 20th. Location TBA via email. 

Slots fill up quickly. So, be sure to sign up for the mailing list and join the book club before enrollment ends September 30th.

Care to join us? It will be a fun discussion, Fall Fashion component, and an overall great networking event. Learn more about our book club requirements and sign up for the mailing list for more details. 

Wanna grab a copy? Order your book now.

image of Chrishelle Monet holding her book, The Art of Being Ignored, Diaries of a Corporate Creative

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Thou Shall Not Sweat It

Thou Shall Not Sweat It

Life Lessons. Turned Blessings.

Life Lessons. Turned Blessings.


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