Beautifully unbound

Beautifully unbound

For every mountain there is a mantle
Every mantle has a measure
Every measure has a moment
My moment in this season is called Rehoboth.

Walk with me.

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First off, I love and enjoy the parables, wisdom and revelation in the good book. However, when I was a child my patience was thin and I would only read two out of the 66 books, Genesis (the first book in the Bible ~ the beginning) and Revelation (the last biblical book ~ the end).

Let’s just take it from the top.

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In the Book of Genesis, Abraham passed away and left an inheritance to his son Issac. The jealousy Issac received from his enemies was real. They rose up against him a couple times and took pieces of the pie. In spite of adversity, Issac was consistently unbothered and decided not to rebel and just kept moving forward. Pause.

Most ppl (myself included) wouldn’t go for that. I mean, to think it’s sweet to be robbed of something that’s rightfully yours is a natural declaration of war. We can learn from Issac’s story that life isn’t always fair. When you least expect it, there are times when you’ll be hit with shade, you will be mistreated and everything that can - will go wrong. Don’t fret. God is testing you to measure your faith, monitoring your response while preparing to release your reward. The third time Issac’s enemies backed down and no longer stole from him. Issac named this well he dug “Rehoboth” meaning plenty of room and he said, "At last the LORD has created enough space for us to prosper in this land." Genesis 26:22 NLT

In order to gain something, you must first give something up. I’ll say it again. In order to receive God’s promise, you must first be processed. 

Processed in your emotions. Not to be moved by the people, places and things that try to come for your neck in this world. Be healed. 

Processed to respond well. Not being ignorant of the enemies devices, plots, traps or schemes. Be delivered. 

Processed to handle God’s call on your life with grace. Not to live in fear, but walk in the power and authority that lives within you.
Be set free.

Ask yourself, what are you making plenty of room for in your life? Does it serve you well, or does it bring torment from hell?

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If you are faithful over few, God will make you a ruler over many. Steward well over your time, finances, gifts, relationships and in all things gain wisdom and understanding. Deep dive into prayer and daily devotion making a commitment to be sober, vigilant and faithful in your purpose. Don’t know your purpose? Have a little talk with God, and then another and another. I promise you that He will show you the way. When you decide to surrender your will to His, every crooked path will be made straight. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He draws close to those who draw close to Him. He loves you and is a good, good Father. Put all your trust and faith in Him and sit back and watch his glory be revealed.

God will honor your inheritance going above and beyond anything you could ever ask or think. I know it because I’m living it. One things for sure and two for certain.

The key to perfect peace is the love of God which eliminates all fear. You’re looking at a testimony and by His grace and mercy I no longer dwell in the lost and found. I’m walking in the light with the beautiful freedom of being unbound.

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Stay encouraged. Set your eyes on things that are above. It’s already looking better.


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