Change your posture

Change your posture

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I am not a model. I am a child of the most High God, jewelry entrepreneur, lover of fashion, literature, creative arts, podcasts and chewy almond granola. Yes, I had to throw a snack in there. I'm also a visual storyteller which requires me to pose occasionally - and because I'm usually in my head, it doesn't always come naturally.


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Last month, I was completely caught off guard when this beautiful young lady asked if I was a model. Flattered by her banter, I smiled and politely told her nope, not for real. As we exchanged compliments, I thought to myself. That's so sweet of her to say, but why would she think I'm a model?


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My posture has been changed for the better. For some time, my perspective wasn't in alignment with my faith. Equilibrium was just clean off! Not living in the fullness of who I am and more importantly whose I am opened the door to a series of assignments designed to destroy me. But God said nope, you can't have this one. She's one of my favs! I am no longer moved by what once caused worry and so I walk and talk differently. Setbacks are recipe for a set up of what's to come. This revelation forced me to change my posture and be who I am called to be. More than a conqueror!


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Once upon a time I was married. Shortly after the wedding, I became pregnant. When the baby didn't make it, I was stunned beyond measure and I fell into a deep depression. Carrying that weight of the "why me" depleted my strength and inclined the spirit of heaviness upon me to new levels. When the marriage failed I was like, okay God now you doing too much. I bet he was thinking, so are you my child. Next time, run it by me first. Jeremiah 29:11


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What I know for sure is this. ANYTHING that separates me from HIM, is not according to HIS plan and it will not prosper. Period. It wasn't until I completely surrendered my life to God that HE showed me now that I've got your attention, repent and I will give you beauty for ashes. I am stronger than I've ever been. I am thankful that I've grown out of who I used to be and who I am today is not defined by what I've gone through. Things around you change when you change the way you see things.


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Hair: Cherron, Master Stylist, Touched Hair Salon


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Top: Asos


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Jeans: Akira


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