The wait

The wait

They say carnal men are like buses. Every 15 minutes here comes another one. In your personal space. Attempting to shoot their shot. Again. Some believe women are just plain unapproachable these days. Not easy to admit, but it happens.

Picture this.

You’re running late, trying to make it to work and hear sounds reminiscent of a bird call. Unaware that Birdman anticipates your response, you politely decline only to receive verbal snares moments after. 15 minutes later, a different young man graces you with a classic icebreaker.

Him: Girl, you must be tired.
You’ve been running through my mind all day!

You: Jesus. Be. A. Fence.

Have enough of those experiences in one day, week or month and it can potentially have your "no thank you" sitting on ready.

wait 1

A romantic relationship is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make in life. Relationships of any kind have the power to propel you forward or set you back. Those romantic relationships though. If not done right from the beginning, you'll mess around and get caught in the sunken place. That's a trip I do not plan to make and because of this I'm choosing to wait.

wait 2

Waiting patiently on God's best is not an easy feat. It will shift you to uncomfortable places testing your character and obedience. Sacrificing things you want to attain things you need takes wisdom, patience and spiritual maturity. You can make it through! Took me a long time to realize its okay to be single. Life is happening now and doesn't start with a plus one. Make no mistake. I strongly believe that loving companionship is a beautiful thing, but the best relationship you'll ever have is with yourself.

What to do while waiting?

Trust God without borders and allow Him to guide you through prayer, fasting and revelation.

Prepare for the future. Spend time identifying your purpose and moving in that.

Establish a supportive circle of family and friends to hold you accountable to your standards of success.

wait 3

Valentine's Day is almost here and I want all my single ladies to be encouraged. Everyday you wake up, that's God way of saying there's more to do. Not just working and paying bills, being a parent, or going with the flow. Its up to you to be committed to search within yourself and come to really love more of what you get to know.

As you become the best version of you, I believe God's best for you will appear.

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